Donation Questions

Why should we donate to SYF?

When you donate to SYF, the donations go straight away for the welfare of the society, for which we provide complete transparency.

Are donations only monetary?

No, any donation is a donation, be it books, bags, clothes, anything! Since the monetary donations are eventually used to purchase this material.

Is there a minimum or maximum limit for donation?

No, all donations, small or big, are generous and very welcome. Even the smallest of the donations make a difference.

How can we know where the donations are being used?

We share a yearly report for the same, to maintain authenticity.

Why should we engage in CSR, and affiliate with SYF?

Under the guidelines of Companies Act 2013 Clause no 135, corporates have been mandated to spend at least 2 per cent of their average net profit on CSR initiatives. You can select our projects to achieve that target.

General Questions

How does SYF choose which causes to invest in?

We have different college based teams, who engage in ideation based upon the causes that they have witnessed, accordingly, the execution takes place.

Where can we track the projects and events?

Details about the projects can be seen on the website, and a lot on our social media handles.

Volunteering Questions

Can we work from home?

Of course! There are opportunities for you to carry out administrative tasks. Numerous things need to be sorted out so that groundwork can take place, you can help us with that.

What is the joining process?

Click at the volunteer button, fill the registration form, and we’ll manage the rest!

What is the on-boarding process?

The HR explains you the role in detail, and clears any doubts you may have. You also get an on-boarding guide to help you with the process.

What are the typical working hours?

As a volunteer, your average working hours for WFH will be an hour or two per day. For groundwork, it can range to 4-5 hours per week.

Can we apply for more than one position?

Yes! You can colunteer in different areas of work as long as you're able to. You won't have to pay twice the registration fees. You'll recieve incentives for both.

Can we volunteer for longer than the term?


Is it necessary to volunteer for the entire term and for incentives?

To volunteer, you can participate in one or two activities, charitably, without the incentives. Incentives are applicable for those who work for the entire term.

Further Questions?

Got further Questions? Contact us and we'll be happy to help.

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